In response to our overwhelmingly popular episode "Baseball Rules Myths" last season, we decided to try and shed some light on more baseball rules myt...View Details

For Episode 43 of UmpCast, Justin and Weston talk about ways to keep from being nervous, or at least preventing nerves from affecting your game. UmpCa...View Details

Episode 42 of UmpCast has Weston and Justin back to discuss ways to handle manager disputes.   UmpCast records on Facebook Live each Sunday night at...View Details

For episode 41 of UmpCast, Weston and Justin go over the 2019 rule changes in NFHS. UmpCast records weekly on Facebook Live each week on Sundays at 8:...View Details

In episode 40 of UmpCast, we are joined by Patrick McMorris to discuss sportsmanship.  We look at how it affects the game and also give some tips on ...View Details

Episode 39 of UmpCast covers the best ways to help out newer umpires.  Whether it's the guy that just joined or one that's only been working games fo...View Details

Episode 38 of UmpCast has Justin and Weston discussing how to prepare for the upcoming season.  This includes everything from the big picture like ch...View Details

Episode 37 of UmpCast sees Brandon, Weston, and Justin look back on how the first season of UmpCast has gone, as well as some of their memorable exper...View Details

Episode 36 of UmpCast features discussion of some of the more controversial calls from this year's playoff games.  Be sure to check out UmpCast on Fa...View Details

In this special episode of UmpCast, Matt Arcovio joins Justin and Weston in discussing how to move up in umpiring.  This episode will give you inform...View Details

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